The urge to write will not be ignored. Combined with the positive feedback from a variety of people, I’m compelled to re-commence my daily posts. They harness my thinking during isolation.

A few days ago, the builders returned to finish off bits and pieces. One task was hanging my art, the absolute joy I felt seeing it up again was obvious. I also realised that me telling the builder, in no uncertain terms, how happy I was made him happy too.

Since then my thoughts have turned to gratitude. The builder is also a friend who has stood by me through the worst of times. Times when it would have been much easier to simply walk away. For that I will be eternally grateful.

The forced slowdown due to isolation has highlighted the generosity of spirit and kindness in many. We’ve connected in ways we would have not considered in the past or simply been to “busy” to focus on. We have adapted and innovated to maintain our human connections. Personally, a combination of these posts and current technology have been the catalyst for deeper connections. Another thing to be grateful for.

Have you experienced this unexpected upside to isolation or am I the only one?

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