Over the years I have worked very hard to change my perspective from glass half empty to glass half full. The facts remain the same, the one difference is how I deal with them.

Fact No. 1: To stop the spiralling numbers of Covid-19 cases in Melbourne Australia, our state government has declared a state of disaster, Stage 4 lock down and a curfew between 8.00pm and 5.00am. We will get through this faster.

Fact No. 2: My mother made take the rest of my things that were cluttering up her garage home to unpack. Upside? I found the four Banksy prints I bought in New York that I had been searching for.

Fact No. 3: I have a huge collection of cookbooks. With a refrigerator filled with food, I can now take the time to cook delicious wholesome meals, instead of eating on the run.

Fact No. 4: My awesome builder, set up my garage so I can use my treadmill whilst zooming or listening to podcasts, music, webinars etc. Now I just need to work out how to use the treadmill. Luckily I found the instruction book.

I know there are many people worse off than I am and I can’t begin to know their distress, but today I choose positivity, kindness and caring.

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