I have a passion for learning. Not the structured type of learning that allows you to add some letters after your name. The sort of learning that allows you to explore a subject, meander around it, poke and prod it until you derive what you want from it. I love this type of learning where I can satisfy my curiosity. I am one of those people who always needs to know why. It’s a blessing…and a curse.

The blessing is that I have complete freedom to learn what and how I want. The curse is that I get to a point where I realise that to become an expert, I need to devote myself to the topic at hand.

During lockdown 2.0 I have kept myself occupied with more learning. I am in the process of completing two online courses. I have gained valuable knowledge and skills from both. One has me completely engaged, excited and mentally challenged. I. LOVE. IT. The other is not that exciting. The difference has been in the calibre of the facilitator and how well they know their topic.

In very simplistic terms, I would say one is building a brand, the other is selling a service. I’ll let you guess which is which.

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