The day by day grind of lockdown is starting to take its toll. My way of coping has been driven by a “take one day at a time” mentality. I refuse to engage in countdowns, conspiracy theories or laying blame. I know, that despite being great in a crisis, I do not envy one person who is in a decision making role during the COVID-19 devastation.

The last six months have been a blur. Moving house, into lockdown, out of lockdown, entertaining, back into lockdown. I have no sense of the time of each stage. I struggle to remember the day or date. My sanity has been saved by doing what I love, the mental stimulation of learning. Keeping mentally challenged fills my days. Over time I have even started incorporating exercise into my daily routine. Now I’m even trying to develop a better routine around the time I go to sleep and wake up.

Today will be an outdoors day, the sun is shining and it will be warmer than it has been for a while. I’m planning to plant out some garden beds with gardenias and California Poppies and play my music loud. Finger crossed we have positive news tomorrow!

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