30+14 days of posting.

I’ve just come back from my Friday morning walk with a friend and I’m feeling great. Also great is that our COVID-19 case numbers are coming down…way to go Victoria. It hasn’t been easy, nor perfect, but we have made it through together. It prompts me to think about what else we can achieve if we collaborate? If we use all of our resources, physical, mental and emotional to rebuild our economy.

I recently had an AHA moment. With over 35 years in the corporate world my perspective was based on success or failure. I could not cope with the concept of failure. Recently, I saw an interview where this was re-framed as experiments. Experiment, use the data to inform your learning, and try another experiment. I really like the concept of experimenting.

What experiments can we run to ensure our world class hospitality and entertainment sector and all that work in it thrive in the future? How can we experiment with our construction industry to ensure that all Victorians have a home, where they feel safe? Can we experiment with our education system so all our students leave with an insatiable curiosity to learn and the skills to critically assess their learning? What experiments do you think we could run?

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