Yesterday a former colleague reached out to me for my “wisdom” as he put it. I worked for him twice, in a major FMCG business and then in a global Not for Profit.

As I got ready for our video conference, I thought about the fact that over a thirty year career in marketing, I have been lucky enough to have worked for three amazing bosses. With the benefit of hindsight, it could be argued that I might have been a lot to handle. Feedback such as “Don’t go through the wall Litsa, go around it” may give you some indication of my approach. Of course, there were many “career limiting moves” along the way, always initiated by me.

These three men, had two things in common. They understood that my passion to get the job done was driven by the desire to do the best job possible. Compromise was not in my vocabulary. The second thing was they were confident in their own skin as people. Consequently they did not see an assertive, passionate female as a threat. They were great leaders. Each with their individual style, but great leaders nonetheless. I still have huge respect for all three.

Time, amongst other things, has mellowed my approach. Have you had a leader that you still admire?

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