One of my tasks in isolation has been to sort out the many photographs that over the years have ended up in the “photographs box.” It was always with the intention they would be sorted, culled and photographs of treasured moments stored in photograph albums. Fast forward to 2020. These photographs are no longer destined for an album, but a digital future.

Today I have sorted them into different piles There are many happy events, holidays, birthdays, weddings and christenings. People who are no longer with us, but who were an important part of my life. However, the photos I treasure the most are of my childhood.

This is one of my all time favourites. We were on a road trip to Sydney to visit “Uncle George”. My father’s childhood friend, and his family. It was a special friendship that lasted their entire lives. It was also during that trip that the seed of friendship between Uncle George’s daughter Stephanie and I was sown. Strengthened when some twenty-five years later I became god-mother to her daughter. I am now a great god-mother and in love with a gorgeous chubba bubba. The reason that this is one of my favourite photos? The groovy orange dress.

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