Today I was told that a member of my extended family was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is a catalyst for me to stop procrastinating. For a long time I have been thinking about launching a branding course. Today is the day.

No FB ads, no landing page, no upsell, no downsell.
Just the facts.

* 6 Modules: Brand Purpose, Brand Values, Brand Name, Brand Persona, Brand Differentiation, Brand Positioning
* Bonus Module: How to embed your brand into your business.
* 7 x one hour, one on one sessions with me to work through each step.
* You will walk away with your brand blueprint, the bible for branding your business.

* Price: $2,997 (AUD). If you complete every module, you get a 50% credit. That’s 10 hours of my time to work with you to embed your brand into your business.

What’s the catch?
1. Limited to 10 people
2. We need to chat first, to make sure we are aligned.

We start on June 15. If you are interested let me know and we will book in a time for a chat.

Why am I doing this? Life is short, I need to stop procrastinating. Making a contribution makes me feel good. We are entering a new world, I want to help people succeed.

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