Today as I wandered down the the local French bakery I started thinking about the jacket I was wearing. It is a souvenir (memory). My home is full of them, not that anyone else would know.

In 1994 I was travelling through Europe with my cousins. I bought the jacket at Printemps in Lyon. We were heading to Chamonix in the French Alps and I didn’t have anything other than summer clothes. In Chamonix I explained to the owner of the hostel that we were staying at, that we wanted to go for a walk. Mais oui! (Of course!) he responded and gave us the instructions for a “tres facile” (very easy) walk. It involved a gondola, a chairlift and walking across rocks. Then Lac Blanc revealed itself. An extraordinarily picturesque, crystal blue lake surrounded by desolate rock.

These “souvenirs” embed positive memories in our neural pathways. Much like the positive memories we aim to create in the minds of our ideal clients, when they think about our brands. Over 25 years later these words evoke positive memories in my mind; Printemps, Chamonix, Lac Blanc. Is creating positive memories in the minds of your ideal clients your priority each and every day?

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