One of my great joys is creating harmonious spaces, consequently a lot of thought went to each item I chose for my home. Needless to say the builder and I had several conversations about budget.

Of all the items I chose for my bathroom, there is one brand that pops into my mind almost every day. It was not the most expensive item by any means, but it was the one that felt special when it was delivered. A white satin finish box with a lid. It was branded…Lo and Co. it was the handles for the vanity. I opened the box and sitting on the individually wrapped handles was a card. It simply said “We hope this looks great in your space. xo xo” They do. On the other side it said “Thank you.” A simple but powerful message. I was emotionally engaged, right then and there.

Imagine if your ideal client received a note from you. It might simply say thank you for supporting us. It might say we hope you feel fabulous wearing this dress, or we hope this helps your golf swing improve. A simple message that differentiates your brand. That helps embed your brand in the mind of your client. Are you making your delivery an experience that stands out?

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