I’m Litsa Barberoglou, Chief Collaborator at Brandivine. We collaborate with our clients (that’s why I’m the chief collaborator) to help business owners build “REMARKABLE” brands. The concept of “REMARKABLE” brands comes from a Seth Godin quote. In case you haven’t heard of him, he’s a world renowned marketer, author, podcaster etc. Here’s what he says and I agree with.

“All it means is that someone decides that you are worth talking about, that you are worth making a remark about. And it is not up to you. It is up to them.
So, if people choose to talk about you, then the word spreads. And if the word spreads, you don’t need to buy Super Bowl ads and billboards and bus shelter ads, because humans are telling other humans.
Now, what we need to do to become remarkable is do this work that is yes, good enough, that yes, meets spec, that yes, is important—but is also worth talking about in the way that that person wants to talk. “

Seth Godin
Global Marketer, Author, Podcaster

I take clients through my six-step “REMARKABLE” Brand Story development process. Starting with your Brand Purpose and ending with your Brand Positioning. It takes trust (in me) and time (yours and mine). I love what we create and I’m passionate about getting it right. These are my “brand” babies.
Your “REMARKABLE” Brand Story helps you clearly position yourself in your market, craft your message and be consistent in your actions. Consistency helps to build trust.

Trust is priceless when it comes to building relationships with people. Yes people, because people engage with your brand. Starting with your team, ending with your customers and everyone in between. We bring clarity, structure and strategy to your brand so you feel confident that you are telling a clear and relevant story.

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