Litsa Barberoglou, Chief Collaborator at Brandivine


I’m Litsa Barberoglou, Chief Collaborator at Brandivine.  We help businesses and individuals clarify their message and communicate it effectively to their audience to remove any roadblocks in the customer journey and accelerate growth. Branding is our language, and we can help you better understand the attributes and distinct values that make your brand unique.

Personally, I bring over 35 years of marketing experience and have worked with clients in a breadth of industries. It’s this diverse experience that allows me to speak your clients’ language so you can better understand how to speak to your ideal customer.

Branding is much more than a logo and buzzwords. For us, it’s at the core of everything that a business does. From the products you create to how you run your business and your year-end balance sheet. Your brand matters, and we’ll help you realize it if you haven’t already.

No matter how far along your business is we can help. We’ll help you better understand your brand, develop a marketing plan, and put it into action with key deliverables that will ensure that your customers remember your brand not your competitors.