Day 14 of 30

I am pretty excited today. My mother and I both love flowering plants (ideally perfumed) but that’s where the similarity ends. She has a green thumb and mine is most definitely black. Her theory is that you need to water, feed and talk to the plants for them to grow. Using this approach she has […]

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Robert French Concise

Day 13 of 30

I’m a bit of a word nerd. So I can’t bring myself to part with my dictionaries and thesaurus. I use Google translate but there is something about the smell of an old Dictionary or Thesaurus that I find irresistible. I was wondering how long I had these in my collection. I can carbon date […]

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Effective Presentation Skills

Day 12 of 30

Today I was sorting through boxes of books again. I aim to let go of books that I don’t absolutely love/need. I came across something I don’t think I will ever give up. It made a significant difference to me in my business life. It’s the early nineties and we are preparing for a national […]

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Day 11 of 30

I love days like today, its cold and raining outside. Inside it’s toasty warm and given we are being told to stay home that’s exactly what I did. I spent a large part of the day trawling furniture websites looking for storage/shelving for my study. No matter how many sites I looked at I couldn’t […]

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no Images

Day 10 of 30

One of the reasons I’m loving self isolation is because my home was renovated before I moved in. It made me think about the people we know that excel at what they do, but aren’t big brands like Fuji Xerox or Medibank. So I thought it only appropriate to give a shout out to the […]

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Brand strategy development in Melbourne

Day 9 of 30

Over the last few days it has struck me that despite all the gloom and doom, there are businesses (apart from Coles and Woolworths) who are doing well. In fact a scheduled meeting with three small business women that I collaborate with was postponed. Why? Because two were too busy with client work to attend. […]

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Day 8 of 30

Today I spent time with my mother who is about to turn 80. Self isolation has been difficult for her. We watched the government press conference together. The look on her face when she realised that this could be her life for the next six months was heartbreaking. She has always had private health cover, […]

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Day 7 of 30

I’ve given up on emptying boxes for the time being. I’m busy trying to make things work, today I contacted two organisations. Fuji Xerox to make my printer work. It’s not a simple process and requires IT skills. The guy was great, got the printer connected, then set it up so I can scan using […]

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Branding strategy in Melbourne

Day 6 of 30

Self isolation, literally on my own has been interesting. I’m starting to slow down mentally i.e. feeling less stressed. I speak to people everyday and enjoy it, but having “mental” downtime is a blessing. I’ve delved back into my boxes and found another book to share, Basic Photography. I have a great love of photography […]

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Brand transformation in Melbourne

Day 5 of 30

There are a couple of things on my mind today. The first is the peace and serenity I feel sitting in my home office. I know this is enforced isolation, but I am savouring the peace and the fact that for the first time in a long time, I’m not a digital gypsy. I feel […]

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