First, let's get some housekeeping done.
  • Please list the people you believe are your major competitors. If you can't name them specifically, then provide indications of who they might be.

    The purpose of this section is to fast track our time together. These are the six components of Your "REMARKABLE" Brand that we will work on together. The more I can understand about your brand from the information you share here, the more productive our time together will be.
  • In as many words as you need, please share what motivated you to start your business.
  • This is the part where we start to think about what you stand for. What are your values? A simple way to start thinking about this is to ask yourself two questions. Firstly, what adjectives do I want my clients to use to describe my brand? Secondly, how do I want my clients to feel when they are interacting with my brand?
  • When you chose your brand name, why did you choose it? What did it mean to you? What did you want your customers to think and feel about your brand?
  • As human beings, we relate to other human beings. So it is important that your brand has a human "face". As your business grows, this ensures that your clients still feel that they are engaged with the same "person". Take some time to think about your brand and describe them as a person, if you were to meet them at a party.
  • Your brand positioning adds more depth to your brand. In this section, we explore (where applicable) your brand's sensory characteristics. What does your brand voice sound like? What does your brand look like? Is there a distinctive aroma associated with your brand? What does your brand feel like to touch? Please note, not all of these will be relevant to your brand, but share your thoughts on those that do.
  • Here I'd like you to share how your brand and what you deliver to your clients (product or service) is different from your competitors.

    You have now finished the questionnaire, just hit submit. As soon as I have your response, I will make contact to book in your first coaching session. Generally, I like to allow one week between you submitting this questionnaire and our first coaching session. This allows me the time to research your brand and competitors, and start to delve into your brand at a deeper level.