One of the reasons I’m loving self isolation is because my home was renovated before I moved in. It made me think about the people we know that excel at what they do, but aren’t big brands like Fuji Xerox or Medibank.

So I thought it only appropriate to give a shout out to the team I collaborated with to create my beautiful new home. John Winter ( an amazing builder with exceptional attention to detail and a passion for doing high quality work. This is the second time that John and I have worked together on a project. Like the first time it was a breeze and the workmanship is exceptional. The second member of the team is Yelda Adal Hall ( who’s interior design concepts took the aesthetics of my home to a whole new level. One that I could not have achieved without her.

John and Yelda took my brief and created an amazing home that I am happy to live in for many years to come. Like many small businesses their focus is on doing what they do best. In these changing times, it is these small businesses that I spend my time thinking about.

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