I love days like today, its cold and raining outside. Inside it’s toasty warm and given we are being told to stay home that’s exactly what I did.

I spent a large part of the day trawling furniture websites looking for storage/shelving for my study. No matter how many sites I looked at I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. So I resorted to one of the best known furniture brands in the world…Ikea. Practical, versatile, good value for money.

I created my perfect bookcase/storage solution using the online planner. Three hours later…I’ve designed what I want AND I have a shopping list. Since I conquered spray painting a tray my confidence has soared. I have decided to put it together myself. It’s only 43 items. Did I hear you laughing?

Ikea is a global brand. The distinctive blue and yellow signage is instantly recognisable. The range of products with Swedish names, the store layout, the self-service retail model and the back end logistics. These are some of the key characteristics of the Ikea brand. A brand is so much more than a business name or a well designed logo.

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