Today I was sorting through boxes of books again. I aim to let go of books that I don’t absolutely love/need. I came across something I don’t think I will ever give up. It made a significant difference to me in my business life.

It’s the early nineties and we are preparing for a national conference. To say I was feeling underwhelmed by the thought of presenting in front of 150 people is an understatement. Luckily I had a fantastic boss, who wanted us to shine. So he booked us in for a presentation skills training course. Day 1, we took our presentations and off we went. We learned some basic skills and then presented. To be honest I don’t even recall my original presentation. Forty-eight hours later our presentations have been reworked based on our training.

What I do remember is the procession of sales guys who came up to me after I presented and congratulated me. I’ve never had a problem presenting since. The training was Rogen Effective Presentation Skills. It is the one resource that has never left my desk. When I have to prepare a presentation the first thing I do, is pull out my workbook.

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