I’m a bit of a word nerd. So I can’t bring myself to part with my dictionaries and thesaurus. I use Google translate but there is something about the smell of an old Dictionary or Thesaurus that I find irresistible.

I was wondering how long I had these in my collection. I can carbon date the English Dictionary and Thesaurus…Year 12. I’ve always been drawn to literature. My English Dictionary is held together with sticky tape and my Thesaurus needs some. It’s literally falling apart.

My love for words extends to other languages, so I have a Greek/English dictionary. I went from Grade 4 to Year 10 Greek classes in one year. That is another story and it’s not because I was brilliant. I studied French in high school for four years…hence the French/English dictionary. A year of Spanish at high school did not justify a dictionary.

Words can be powerful, in fact they inspired my first overseas trip to New Caledonia. My attempts to act as translator at dinner were woeful. I recall something about a small chicken…I think we were eating quail. The memories live on over 30 years later.

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