I am pretty excited today. My mother and I both love flowering plants (ideally perfumed) but that’s where the similarity ends. She has a green thumb and mine is most definitely black.

Her theory is that you need to water, feed and talk to the plants for them to grow. Using this approach she has brought two potted magnolia’s of mine back to life over an extended period of time. Despite this I’m a little skeptical.

Now that I have taken possession of these two beautiful magnolias I feel like I need to keep them alive. There is nothing worse than my mother saying “I told you so!” She has little faith in my ability to grow anything. Consequently last week I aerated the soil, fed them, watered them and even added mulch.

Today I was rewarded by new shoots coming out of the trunk. I am over the moon with joy. It has made me realise that with the right motivation and focused effort anything can be achieved. The last couple of weeks have also taught me that a sense of achievement can come from the smallest tasks. When you achieve lots of small things over time, they add up to big things.

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