I’ve just decided what to have for dinner tonight. Not that I think you’re remotely interested, but it is a great example of pivoting on the edge of a dime. Otherwise known as necessity is the mother of invention.

At the risk of sounding like an Uber Eats ad…tonight I’m having steak, with asapargus and a side of Mac and Cheese. The Mac Project artisan original flavour mac and cheese. It is special.

Originally a product that was sold wholesale to hospitality venues and fresh food markets. The Mac and Cheese Donuts, are covered in panko crumbs (there are four flavours, I am especially fond of the jalapeno and truffle flavours) and served and a starter or snack. Given the recent changes to hospitality venues opening, their market dried up overnight.

A new business model was born. Aaron added a “Shop Now” button to his FB page, reached out to family, friends and business associates and before he knew it, he was doing home deliveries across Melbourne. Four weeks into his new business model, The Mac Project was featured on 3AW’s Neil Mitchell show. Please support The Mac Project. It’s delish!

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