I have been procrastinating today, I really want to write about Easter. Most years Orthodox Easter and the Easter that the rest of the Christian world celebrated did not coincide. As a primary school aged child I did not need one more reason to be “different” in my predominantly white Anglo Saxon school.

First I would need to explain that it wasn’t “our” Easter, then that I was fasting. My friends found this confusing as I was eating food. Explanations then ensued that in the Greek Orthodox Church fasting meant abstaining from any products that come from animals. The one week I fasted seemed like an eternity to a young child.

For all of that, I loved the Easter traditions. Church on Good Friday followed by communion on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. A day filled by visiting family and friends, culminating in church again on Saturday night to take the Holy Light home. Dinner at midnight and a big family lunch on Easter Sunday.

Honestly, I haven’t participated in the Easter traditions to this extent for many years. Today I feel a deep sadness that it won’t be my choice.

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