Today I succumbed to the lure of on-line shopping. I bought some bathrooms accessories, hand wash and an iPhone photography course. Honestly, I had been considering the photography course for a while, but the others were more a means of passing the time.

It has brought up some interesting emotions. Guilt. I feel guilty that during this time of enormous distress for so many I am shopping for non-essential items. Frustration. Many of the sites I visited have a poor user experience. Stress. Living in the inner city, it is common for items to go missing, particularly if the delivery driver just drops the parcel off. Post purchase dissonance. What happens if I don’t like it? Interestingly, the one emotion I am not feeling is pleasure.

I much prefer to visit a store and use all of my senses. Sight, touch and smell in particular.Using all of these senses helps me to draw a conclusion about the quality and how well it meets my needs. The quality assessment combined with the price allows be to make a judgement about value. Shopping on-line does not help me assess value until I receive the goods.

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