I’m in isolation on my own. Having recently moved house I have deliberately taken the unpacking and setting up of the house slowly. I find a lot of things to occupy my time with so I’m not complaining.

Despite the difficulties of isolation, we are incredibly lucky. Technology makes it much more bearable. On Thursday night I Zoomed with a girlfriend, Saturday night another friend suggested a glass of wine and a chat, so we Zoomed. Today I Zoomed with a girlfriend and then tonight I had a Zoom dinner with the children of a friend of mine. Will Zoom become the generic term for online meetings? Not unlike Hoover and Kleenex in their categories?

In the pre iso world we probably would not have made the effort because we were all so busy. Everything, was much more important than taking time with our family and friends. We were on a non-stop treadmill.

Time is the one thing we can’t duplicate. I hope that one of the benefits of isolation is that we learn to value our time more. Not by trying to squeeze more into every minute, but by being more discerning about how and who we spend our time with.

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