Cleaning things out is cathartic, it also brings back wonderful memories of times long forgotten. Today I sent photos to my two god-daughters. Wonderful memories of their very much younger days.

I also found photos from a trip to Tahiti in 1991. I have traveled extensively. I love to experience different places and cultures. I can’t recall why I picked Tahiti, but as I was travelling on my own I thought I would try Club Med. The fact that it was my only Club Med holiday tells you a lot about my trip. Club Med Tahiti was not quite the paradise depicted by Gaugin in his paintings.

Despite this, it was here that I recall thinking “If I die now, I will die a happy person.” We had spent the morning snorkeling (which I wasn’t very good at) in the most crystal clear blue waters I have ever seen. It was truly magnificent. We were returning home, warm sun on my skin, a gentle breeze and classical music was playing on the yacht radio. I was in heaven.

When I look back on that very clear memory I am struck by how little it took to make me blissfully happy. Not money, status or power, just nature.

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