In the mid nineties I left the world of paper towel and facial tissues behind to enter the world of wine. At the time all I drank was Wolf Blass White Label. I knew nothing about wine and I was terrified.

It didn’t take long for the concept of an AFD (Alcohol Free Day) to be about as likely as me climbing Mt Everest. I consumed a lot of wine in the name of research and learned a lot. I now class myself as a wine explorer. Give me something new to try and I am happy.

As we are all too painfully aware times change. Today being a small winemaker with passion and a dream is rarely enough to build a sustainable business and that is where Naked Wines comes in. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. A dozen good quality wines for a grand total of $89.00 or thereabouts.

The business model is innovative. Its a subscription model and your monthly subscription accrues towards your purchases. They then fund independent winemakers and provide the marketing/distribution network. My second order includes a couple of wines that are already favourites. It arrived today so more research tonight.

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