Wow, what a morning!!! I got up early and threw on my walking gear. It is an eclectic neighbourhood, and it is one of the many things that I love about it. Elderly Europeans that bought here when they first arrived in Australia, students and staff from the local universities, upwardly mobile professionals with young families.

When I bought here, I felt like I had finally found the place I belonged. The local cafe owner who not only knows my name and coffee order, but starts making it as soon as he spies me. The local deli owner, who remembers me from the time he owned the local newsagent. A community.

Most recently, there has been suggestions of easing restrictions. When this happens I hope that we will learn lifetime lessons from isolation. We cannot survive as individuals. It is when we operate as a cohesive community that we flourish. The heroes that have enabled us to survive are the people who go to work everyday and put their lives at risk. Food delivery drivers, cleaners, doctors, nurses, teachers, aged care and child care workers, transport workers to name a few.

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