Today I sat myself down at my desk and decided I was going to resolve all those irritating issues that I have been putting off. I was motivated by the plumber who came to replace the cracked toilet bowl (it was like that when it was installed, just in case you were wondering.)

Today went like this…
1. Plumber: Can’t change the toilet bowl because it wasn’t installed according to the manufacturers specifications.
2. Ring the bank… Two sessions with a chat bot and on hold for 55 minutes…I gave up. Apparently it’s because of Coronavirus.
3. Furniture delivery…no wait time. Sorry it can’t come any earlier.
4.Range hood…no wait time, got told I will be contacted re a service call…within 48 hours.
5. Internet connection…wait time at least 30 minutes, also due to Coronavirus. After having to download an app because you can’t talk to anyone.

If anyone is an expert in building effective, customer centric customer service systems and processes message me. I have five leads for you.

Still on hold, re the internet connection (they have really bad music) have resorted to wine.

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