Today’s post was almost cancelled. Last night I went to bed with aches, pains and a debilitating case of what I think was vertigo. I just wanted to make it to bed without falling over.

I made to it bed and started the process of self-diagnosis. Not being able to consult Dr. Google, I was left to my own devices. Obviously vertigo and medication was required. So as I turned over in bed (my brain followed five minutes later) I started planning. Ring the GP, get them to email/fax the prescription to the local pharmacy, get the local pharmacy to deliver medication home. Problem solved. It struck me that my plan was only possible because of the new age we are living in.

I am convinced that whilst this global pandemic is devastating and tragically people have lost loved ones and suffered, some aspects of our lives will change for the better. They may not be obvious now but they do exist.

When I woke up I was still a little unsteady on my feet, but the worst had passed. A couple of hours of sleep in the afternoon, and a bowl of minestrone for dinner and I’m almost completely recovered.

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