Late post today, have been busy playing home handy person. Apart from the satisfaction of getting some jobs done, I have realised that one of the things standing in my way has been my ATTITUDE.

I had been online trying to find a black tray to corral the bits and pieces on the coffee table. The blue one that I was using, just wouldn’t do. Then I remembered the can of black spray paint that I had used to paint the knife block. Before you know it, not only did I have a black tray, but I had saved money and reduced my environmental impact by recycling.

Emboldened by my great achievement, I took to hanging artwork on the walls. Did you know there was a formula for that? Plasterboard proved no problem, and the incidental workout going up and down the ladder 20 times was great, but a consequence of poor planning. Pretty impressed with myself I took to the double brick walls…let’s just say it wasn’t a matter of mind over matter. Here to inspire you to tackle something you thought you couldn’t do is a photo of my beautiful black tray….

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