Self isolation, literally on my own has been interesting. I’m starting to slow down mentally i.e. feeling less stressed. I speak to people everyday and enjoy it, but having “mental” downtime is a blessing.

I’ve delved back into my boxes and found another book to share, Basic Photography. I have a great love of photography as an art form. I particularly like black and white and subjects with no people. For me it offers the freedom to be creative with our story telling. It’s actually quite different to a brand story which should be consistent. To build brand equity we need to be telling the same, relevant story every single time. If we don’t consumer will get confused and not understand what we stand for.

I have joined a Meetup Walk and Shoot Group which has been great and I have taken some photos that I really quite love. I will print them once I figure out how to get them onto my laptop from my phone. (Yes I shoot with an iPhone.) Happy to hear from anyone who can help with tech support.

These photos were taken at the Vic Market, a brand that has evolved with the times.

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