I’ve given up on emptying boxes for the time being. I’m busy trying to make things work, today I contacted two organisations.

Fuji Xerox to make my printer work. It’s not a simple process and requires IT skills. The guy was great, got the printer connected, then set it up so I can scan using Wi-Fi not a USB. So HAPPY. I thanked him profusely time and again. I was struck by how genuinely pleased he seemed to be that he solved my problem. Then I rang Bosch, the newly installed Extractor Hood is not working, despite having followed the trouble shooting guidelines. The lady who answered my call, was very helpful, I have now been booked in for a service call, sometime in the next four weeks. Given the current circumstances…I can live with that.

In both cases my customer service experience impacted positively on my perception of the brand. Given our current circumstances how we behave as representatives of our brand will have a greater impact on client perceptions than it normally would. This is an opportune time to love and nurture your clients. Be proactive, it will have a major impact on

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