Today I spent time with my mother who is about to turn 80. Self isolation has been difficult for her. We watched the government press conference together. The look on her face when she realised that this could be her life for the next six months was heartbreaking.

She has always had private health cover, today she received a letter from Medibank, yes a letter. My mother is quite technically savvy, but many of her contemporaries are not. Sending a letter tells me two things; firstly Medibank understand their customers; hence the letter. Secondly, in the overwhelm of information a letter stands out. A more expensive solution than email but arguably more effective.

The letter outlines that a Care Connection service member will phone my mother to identify any assistance she may need to help her cope with her current circumstances. In a highly stressful time, a letter that I’m sure provides quiet reassurance for my mother and many others who are struggling with their new circumstances.

Thank you to Medibank for being proactive and reaching out to the vulnerable in our community. Building trust.

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