Over the last few days it has struck me that despite all the gloom and doom, there are businesses (apart from Coles and Woolworths) who are doing well. In fact a scheduled meeting with three small business women that I collaborate with was postponed. Why? Because two were too busy with client work to attend.

Interestingly there seem to be different approaches. Some clients are hunkering down, reducing costs with the aim being to survive. Others are taking the opportunity to thrive. To improve their existing business or to prepare themselves for the time that things return to the “new” normal.

I was sorting through the seemingly never ending stacks of boxes in my office today, (no storage organised as yet) when I came across three books by Edward de Bono. One is titled Serious Creativity, subtitled “Using the power of lateral thinking to create new ideas.” If there was ever a time to read this book, it is now. The “new” normal will not be normal. It will be something we have never experienced before. Our business models will change as will our society, I hope for the better.

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