A compilation of over 30 years of marketing experience, created to assist you to write a focused, quality Design Brief. It will enable you to brief your designer like a professional, ensuring that they can deliver the best work possible.  It will also ensure that your designer delivers all the technical information that you will need to ensure your brand is consistent in its presentation, regardless of where your clients see it.



  • Do you struggle writing design briefs? Wouldn’t it be great to have a guide that you could follow?
  • The Brandivine Design Brief Workbook is set out in specific stages that include prompts to help you identify key points in each section. The aim is that when completed, you will have a comprehensive design brief ready to hand to your designer
  • It is critical that once your design is completed, it is executed perfectly every time. The workbook includes a detailed list of specifications and files you should request to ensure that your design is replicated perfectly every time.
  • The Brandivine Design Brief Workbook will save you time and therefore money. More importantly, it will enable your designer to create a design that WOW’s you and your customers


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