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With over 30 years of working on brands across a breadth of industries, this workbook takes that knowledge and The power of a brand comes from consistently delivering on your promise to your customer, in every interaction they have with your brand, no matter where it is.

To be able to deliver on this, the first thing that must be crystal clear is your brand essence or purpose. What is the higher purpose that your brand delivers to your stakeholders? It is much more than a simple exchange of goods or services for cash, it is the promise (with your hand on your heart) that you make to your stakeholders. That is how seriously you should take building a “remarkable” brand.

The six areas covered in this workbook are your brand purpose, values, name, persona, positioning and differentiation.  In combination, when applied consistently to your marketing efforts, these elements aid in building a “remarkable” brand.  A brand that your clients talk about to others and that adds value to your bottom line.


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