A compilation of over 30 years of marketing experience, created to assist you to write a focused, quality Design Brief. It will enable you to brief your designer like a professional, ensuring that they can deliver the best work possible.  It will also ensure that your designer delivers all the technical information that you will need to ensure your brand is consistent in its presentation, regardless of where your clients see it.




The power of a brand comes from consistently delivering on your promise to your customer, in every interaction they have with your brand, no matter where it is. With over 35 years of working on brands across a breadth of industries, this workbook takes that knowledge and provides the framework for you to create your own brand.

A relevant brand will build trust.  Trust and consistency combine to build credibility.  Credibility builds customer loyalty. The six areas covered in this workbook are your Brand Purpose, Brand Values, Brand Name, Brand Persona, Brand Differentiation and Brand Positioning.

In combination, when applied consistently to your marketing efforts, these elements aid in building a “remarkable” brand.