30+5 days of posting

I had an overwhelming urge to go to Arnhem Land. Within days I had booked flights and a guided tour to Kakadu. I couldn’t get on a tour to Arnhem Land due to the short planning cycle. It was a trip of firsts. My first tour, luckily there was only three of us. Sleeping in […]

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30+4 days of posting

Today I spent some time with a young business woman that I have been mentoring for about 12 months. It’s relatively informal, she had started a new business about 18 months ago. When she reached out, I was happy to help in whatever way I could. Our discussions are not structured in terms of an […]

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30+3 days of posting

One of my tasks in isolation has been to sort out the many photographs that over the years have ended up in the “photographs box.” It was always with the intention they would be sorted, culled and photographs of treasured moments stored in photograph albums. Fast forward to 2020. These photographs are no longer destined […]

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30+2 days of posting

Yesterday a former colleague reached out to me for my “wisdom” as he put it. I worked for him twice, in a major FMCG business and then in a global Not for Profit. As I got ready for our video conference, I thought about the fact that over a thirty year career in marketing, I […]

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Brand building strategies In Melbourne

30+1 days of posting

The urge to write will not be ignored. Combined with the positive feedback from a variety of people, I’m compelled to re-commence my daily posts. They harness my thinking during isolation. A few days ago, the builders returned to finish off bits and pieces. One task was hanging my art, the absolute joy I felt […]

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Strategy consulting in Melbourne

Day 30 of 30 days of posting

An interesting exercise with so much learning along the way. When I started posting I had no idea what I was going to write about. I just felt an overwhelming need to write. The posts were written by me. A collection of observations about my life for the last 30 days. They were not planned, […]

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Day 29 of 30

Today’s post was almost cancelled. Last night I went to bed with aches, pains and a debilitating case of what I think was vertigo. I just wanted to make it to bed without falling over. I made to it bed and started the process of self-diagnosis. Not being able to consult Dr. Google, I was […]

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Day 28 of 30

Today I went to the local shopping centre to pick up some food and try to find an ironing board. (Not that I’m really keen on ironing, but it is a household essential.) Normally I would get a trolley from the supermarket and run up and down the aisles. Today I made a conscious decision […]

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Day 27 of 30

Today I sat myself down at my desk and decided I was going to resolve all those irritating issues that I have been putting off. I was motivated by the plumber who came to replace the cracked toilet bowl (it was like that when it was installed, just in case you were wondering.) Today went […]

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Day 25 of 30

One of the changes that has come out of being in isolation is the ability to have quality time with friends and family. It’s not face to face, but it is on the phone or via Zoom/Face Time/Skype. Interestingly these conversations are much more intimate than ever before. During the past week in particular I […]

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