Day 29 of 30

Today’s post was almost cancelled. Last night I went to bed with aches, pains and a debilitating case of what I think was vertigo. I just wanted to make it to bed without falling over. I made to it bed and started the process of self-diagnosis. Not being able to consult Dr. Google, I was […]

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Day 28 of 30

Today I went to the local shopping centre to pick up some food and try to find an ironing board. (Not that I’m really keen on ironing, but it is a household essential.) Normally I would get a trolley from the supermarket and run up and down the aisles. Today I made a conscious decision […]

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Day 27 of 30

Today I sat myself down at my desk and decided I was going to resolve all those irritating issues that I have been putting off. I was motivated by the plumber who came to replace the cracked toilet bowl (it was like that when it was installed, just in case you were wondering.) Today went […]

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Day 25 of 30

One of the changes that has come out of being in isolation is the ability to have quality time with friends and family. It’s not face to face, but it is on the phone or via Zoom/Face Time/Skype. Interestingly these conversations are much more intimate than ever before. During the past week in particular I […]

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Day 24 of 30

Tonight I am reliving my childhood years. Getting dressed up, wearing my black patent leather lace up boots and my best dress. Saturday nights at the Greek cinema in Oakleigh. A black and white newsreel, followed by a double feature. They were special Saturday nights. Greek cinema of the sixties was formulaic, but uplifting. Invariably […]

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Thank You!

Day 23 of 30

Wow, what a morning!!! I got up early and threw on my walking gear. It is an eclectic neighbourhood, and it is one of the many things that I love about it. Elderly Europeans that bought here when they first arrived in Australia, students and staff from the local universities, upwardly mobile professionals with young […]

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Melbourne Brand Building

Day 22 of 30

In the mid nineties I left the world of paper towel and facial tissues behind to enter the world of wine. At the time all I drank was Wolf Blass White Label. I knew nothing about wine and I was terrified. It didn’t take long for the concept of an AFD (Alcohol Free Day) to […]

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Litsa Barberoglou

Day 21 of 30

I belong to nextdoor, an app that connects people in the same neighbourhood. In my naivety I thought it would be a good way to reconnect with the local community…that was before Covid-19 hit. Of more recent times there has been A LOT of communication around how people SHOULD and SHOULD NOT behave in the […]

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