Love to learn

30+11 days of posting

I have a passion for learning. Not the structured type of learning that allows you to add some letters after your name. The sort of learning that allows you to explore a subject, meander around it, poke and prod it until you derive what you want from it. I love this type of learning where […]

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30+10 days of posting

Over the years I have worked very hard to change my perspective from glass half empty to glass half full. The facts remain the same, the one difference is how I deal with them. Fact No. 1: To stop the spiralling numbers of Covid-19 cases in Melbourne Australia, our state government has declared a state […]

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30+9 days of posting

One of my great joys is creating harmonious spaces, consequently a lot of thought went to each item I chose for my home. Needless to say the builder and I had several conversations about budget. Of all the items I chose for my bathroom, there is one brand that pops into my mind almost every […]

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30+8 days of posting

Today as I wandered down the the local French bakery I started thinking about the jacket I was wearing. It is a souvenir (memory). My home is full of them, not that anyone else would know. In 1994 I was travelling through Europe with my cousins. I bought the jacket at Printemps in Lyon. We […]

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30+7 days of posting

In the couple of months since I moved in, the weather has changed dramatically. The days of open windows and warm breezes are long gone. My office has been transformed from piles of boxes to a spacious, peaceful working space. For the first time in a long time, I now have a haven. One of […]

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June 15

30+6 days of posting

Today I was told that a member of my extended family was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is a catalyst for me to stop procrastinating. For a long time I have been thinking about launching a branding course. Today is the day. No FB ads, no landing page, no upsell, no downsell. Just the […]

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