You may remember a couple of weeks ago I shared a piece on Interbrand and Brand Valuations? At the end of that post, I sent you to a link that you could use to download the Brandivine Design Brief Workbook which didn’t work.

So I PAUSED and worked on identifying the cause of the problem. Taking the time to think about it made me realise I actually needed to address several issues.

  • A number of pieces of software that were not yet integrated
  • A team member who was not as skilled as I had assumed
  • Falling into the trap of being a jack of all trades and master of none

I love technology for the way it can simplify the way I operate my business. So I created a picture (I am a very visual person) of the various segments of my business and nominated the various pieces of software that I want to use and integrate to minimise administration time and maximise efficiency for my clients. The flowchart below is my vision for how my technology will integrate.

Having a clear vision of what I wanted and how it all connected, I then appointed a new team member who is skilled in what I need. I have already realised that he is much better at a lot of things than I am, so I quite happily ask him to do things that I would have previously laboured over.

The benefit of taking time to PAUSE has resulted in the realisation that taking time out to think, review and take corrective action, can increase your productivity.